One of the most ancient fabrics, silk was discovered in China before the 3rd millennium BC. Rich in texture, it was worn only by royals and the wealthy. 
The production of silk was a closely guarded secret. Legend has it that the Chinese authorities would punish by death anyone that have away secrets about silk or attempted to smuggle silkworms out of the country.
Over the next 1000 years, silk making technology eventually spread through the Silk Roads, making trade routes to Western Europe. Silk was always an expensive commodity, highly sought after for lavish gowns and important ceremonial events of the old world.
Today, the annual world production of silk represents 70 billion miles of silk filament, a distance well over 300 round trips to the sun. Durable as steel in tensile strength, silk is the strongest natural fibre known to man. Silk is also hypoallergenic. The natural fibre does not irritate those with sensitive skin. The Aleks Susak Silk Collection combines art into wearable hand-painted pieces. Each garment goes through a lengthy preparation process. One of the most expensive types of silk, Crêpe De Chine, is used as a painting canvas. These unique, one-of-a-kind pieces represent the highest standard of quality and depict a sophisticated expression of personal style.