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FREE Shipping to U.S. and Canada

Care and Alterations



Ensure you read the care label and cleaning instructions before attempting to clean. By following the instructions on the care label you will keep your clothes looking their very best for longer. 



Most garments will require drycleaning. It is recommended you take your pieces to a reputable specialist dry cleaners that will tend to the garments as marked on the label. 




Our online boutique does not provide an alterations service. We do our best to create a custom fit piece according to the size you provide, but cannot guarantee a perfect fit. We recommend you take your pieces to a reputable local tailor should any adjustments be needed.




 Treat leather, suede or sheepskin with a reputable leather and suede protector. You may find it preferable to invest in a suede brush and give your suede a brush from time to time. This will keep the garment looking fresh.